I’m sitting in my living room right now, on the screen in front of me Red Dead Redemption II is in full swing. As Alan relaxes with the game after a long evening of moving back and forth to our new house, I can hear my youngest daughter Lily happily cooing away banging together brightly coloured plastic toys.

Around us there is chaos. Half packed boxes, floor strewn with other gaudily coloured toys, a mustard coloured blanket and the remnants of our day all litter the space. In between everything else there are the “where does this go?”‘s and the “what do I do with this?”‘s that haven’t quite found their place in a moving box.

Tonight the mess isn’t getting to us, some real progress has been made in the move and it feels like a victory. The majority of my art studio has been moved across, one of the only rooms we can complete before carpets go down in the new house, thanks to the room being tiled. We’re tired, spread thin and short on time, but happy and excited for the coming weeks. 

As we completed tonights work, we stood back and flicked the switch on for the newly hung festoon lighting and stood back to take in the sight. I felt, seeing the soft glow, that this small room would be  an extension of myself in this new place. 

The house has so far been a labour of love, tearing old textured wallpaper away, smoothing over imperfections in the walls, painting each room and planning out our best moving tactics. The process is consuming us somewhat, but we’re incredibly happy to have this opportunity to redefine “home”.

I’ll share our progress here, in the mean time we’ve earned a lazy evening together, and I’m fairly certain I hear the kettle calling my name…