(Mis)Adventures in DIY

It’s 5 days until Christmas, it will be Lily’s first, our first in the house we decided to move into two weeks ago and our first hosting my family, a tradition that until now has been masterfully handled by my parents.

The piles of boxes to unpack never seem to run out, the odd jobs to complete are crowding my once neat and simple to-do list. Needless to say, we are all pretty frazzled in the Tucker-Steventon-Todd house.

To begin with, as you may have seen in my previous post, we took it upon ourselves to get the carpets replaced and redecorate the biggest room in the house as well as the bedrooms. After painting and beginning to move what we could, the carpets finally went in and the space felt truly transformed.

Our first night went without a hitch, we excitedly brought the essentials: mattresses, bedding, outfits for a few days, toiletries, mini fridge, kettle, toaster. The sofa was set up, TV mounted on the wall and dining table in place. It really started to feel like home once our little pieces made the journey across, various plants and art works brought life to the rooms and we felt settled. Sophie, who has been reticent about the move up until this point, excitedly declined sleeping in with us in our room so that should could hang out in her new room with her teddies and my iPad. Everyone got a decent nights sleep, albeit a little later than usual.

Disaster struck in the morning, our boiler died! No amount of fiddling would fix it. They changed the batteries in the mobile thermostat, and I’m almost glad it was more complicated than that because I would of been so embarrassed if it were just a case of checking the batteries! It was no good, the boiler was officially kaput. By this point I was wearing so many layers I looked like a Mighty Boosh monster, thankfully a new boiler was prescribed. Another day and a half went by in the tundra-house and finally new boiler time had arrived!

We are super happy we get to enjoy a warm, cosy Christmas! And by comparison all our other jobs didn’t seem like such a big deal now we were comfortable.

Yesterday I started to hang my spice rack on the wall in the kitchen, I measured and levelled everything well and marked ready to drill the holes for wall plugs. This all went smoothly and I managed to get the wall plugs in happily. It was then that I started to drive the screws into the plugs… The corner of the wall suddenly just popped off. The whole corner.

Cue me fully panicked calling anyone I knew with even a sliver of DIY knowledge! I was horrified I might have to pay out to plaster the kitchen.

Luckily I managed to calm down and grab some poly filler, I created a mosaic with the pieces and plan on sanding/painting over the evidence…

In my mind, it’s given me the excuse I was looking for to extend our redecorating efforts to the kitchen and utility room! But perhaps that can wait until after Christmas.

And so with barely any time to spare we’ve been working day and night to finish up, we’re almost there and family are arriving the day after tomorrow. Fairy lights are everywhere, the tree is perched happily in the window and we’re all super excited to sit down and stuff our faces!

How are you preparing for the holidays? Anyone else insane enough to move house and host Christmas at the same time?