We did it! The day rolled around and we somehow managed to pull together an awesome night of music and artwork. There were a few rogue spanners in the works, resulting in some artwork not actually making it to the exhibitoin but despite these issues the evening was a success.

As we arrived at the venue (The Edge of The Wedge) we set up what work we managed to bring over the stage area, this kept the focus on both art and music, neither distracting form the other.

Over by the bar I set up our stall, attempting to make use of footfall to and from the booze! I was lucky enough to have a little helper at the beginning of the evening, she made sure everything was just right.

Other artists featured on the stall were the talented Wargey and Amelia Russel, each of our styles is very different and I loved how much variety covered the table. We had pieces available from stickers for £1 up to gorgeous originals up to £50, allowing people with loads of different budgets to come away with something from the event.

Hallan in action

The music started off with Lucy Bertram, she completely held the stage on her own with gorgeous vocals and guitar, covering a range of songs with her own style. I’m totally obsessed with Lucy, her music and her incredible artwork! Impossible Monsters took to the stage next, featuring our very own Louis Netter on the drums. Seeing our lecturer on stage was definitely the part of the evening we were all looking forward to most, and he did not dissapoint. Finally Hallan came on and blew us all away with a lively, intense set that really capped off the evening. I had no idea Hallan existed but I’m immediately a fan, singer Conor is a fellow Illustration student and his work can be found here.

Definitely too much gin…

All in all such an enjoyable evening, fuelled by a super creative group, the ever inspiring Illustration Lecturers and far too much gin (weeks have passed, I’m still hungover.).