Featured Artist: Katnipp

Featured Artist posts are tied into my uni work and are a way for me to research artists professional methods and how they promote themselves.


Todays featured artist post focuses on Catherine Kay, the illustrator and businesswoman behind kawaii brand Katnipp. Catherine is based in a seaside town in the north of England, her work is pastel coloured, super sweet and packed full of her signature bubbliness.

The branding within Katnipp is so immediately recognisable, with soft pinks, purples and blues dominating her work, website and instagram. It provides a cohesive feel to everything Catherine puts out into the world.

Katnipp on Instagram

Other than running a successful Etsy store and beautiful instagram, Catherine also runs a Youtube channel that is an absolute goldmine of advice for fledgeling artists and makers. From photography and branding tips to studio vlogs, there’s something for anyone looking to start selling their work, or even just streamline their business aesthetic.

Beyond how everything looks, Katnipps branding manages to exude Catherines personality, each piece of work has been created with love. Her photography captures not only her products but also a little piece of her world, and the same can be said of her youtube videos.

Katnipp on Etsy

If you watch the studio vlogs on Katnipps channel, you will feel as though you’ve sat down for a cup of tea with a friend and settled in to watch her work, simultaneously learning about the daily realities of running an online store, youtube channel and other social media. As she talks about the characters she’s illustrating, you truly get a sense of the love she has for them.


In the about section of the Katnipp website, Catherine personally introduces herself and talks about what drives her. I think what immediately stands out for me is that personal connection she makes with viewers, as well as the cohesive colour scheme. She also has a Patreon, with this she can provide even more personal content within the tiered reward system.

Personally I’ve learned so much from Katnipp already, and I think that her Youtube in particular is a vital resource for any fledgeling illustrator just getting into selling their work.